Best Rotating Brushes (Modelers) to Buy in 2020

Every woman has dreamed of having a beauty salon at home to always have her hair brushed. The rotating brushes arrived to fulfill this request, offering a salon brush effect in a product that combines the dryer with a rotating brush. The idea is really seductive, but in order not to get frustrated you need to know how to choose the best model.

Rotating brushes are more practical and less aggressive to the wires

Making a brush at home can be a problem for many women,mainly due to the difficulty in coordinating the use of the dryer and the brush at the same time. The rotating brush eliminates this difficulty, since it plays the role of the two in just one device.

With it, it is much easier to have a salon brush effect without leaving the house. In addition, when we make the traditional brush, the dryer directs its entire jet of hot air to just one region of the strands,leaving them more exposed to aggression and dryness. The rotating brush distributes heat evenly between the wires.

In addition, unlike flat iron, the rotating brush still has the advantage of working well on both wet and dry hair, being perfect for that touch-up on a daily basis. Check out our tips and buy yours soon!

How to Choose the Best Rotary Brush

Appliances that emit heat directly into the hair always make's afraid of the damage they can cause. If this is also your case, know that nowadays there are technologies that not only protect the hair, but can keep it more hydrated and without frizz. To know each one of these available benefit sand choose the best for your hair, check out our tips!

Prefer Brushes with More than 900 W of Power

The power of the brush determines its ability to produce heat and the turning force. Low-power brushes can end up disappointing, since,in addition to taking longer to produce the brushing effect, they can end up“chewing” your hair, as they don't spin fast enough.

This tip is especially valuable for those who have thick,curly or curly hair, which require a higher temperature and a good speed spin.The best brushes have between 900 and 1200 watts of power.

Ensure Your Wire's Health by Checking the Specifications Below

Using a rotating brush frequently can end up damaging your hair. Therefore, it is important to prefer models that have characteristics that help in maintaining the health of your hair. We'll talk more about that below.

Ionic technology and ceramic plates, protect the wire sand offer better results

Ionic technology is based on the emission of negative ions,which neutralize static electricity, responsible for the frizz effect, and close the cuticles of the wires, providing more shine. Negative ions are also able to fix the water droplets on the strands, creating the effect of prolonged hydration and giving that appearance of silky and fuller hair. For further info, click here

Models with ceramic plates or with ceramic coating, on the other hand, help to preserve the health of the wires, since they act in maintaining the air temperature and uniform heat distribution. This makes your hair dry and model faster, preventing you from having to spend a lot of time heating your hair. Ceramics also help to reduce frizz.

Temperature Regulation and Cold Air Jet, Help Modeling and Prevent Damage

To achieve the desired result and protect your hair from the aggression of excessive heat, invest in a rotating brush with temperature regulation. In addition to obtaining different results, such as more wavy or super straight hair, you can tailor your brush to your hair type.

Thick, very bulky or curly hair needs a higher temperature to be brushed efficiently. Fine hair, on the other hand, is more fragile, and requires lower brushing temperatures, to prevent them from suffering damage such as hair breakage and drying.